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Addiction doesn’t spring up overnight, nor can it end overnight. Addiction to alcohol is progressive meaning that it develops over time. The nature of all chronic untreated disease is evolving, which is why it is important to break the cycle before it results in death. The chances of returning to use after a short stint of abstinence are very high and relapse usually includes heavy use and possibly could result in overdose due to the lapse of tolerance.

The medical detox program is formulated to relieve alcoholics of their symptoms of withdrawal safely.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle wants to help you with your disease of alcoholism and provide you with a safe medical detox to minimize symptoms of withdrawal while you’re trying to recover. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle now! (206) 777-4098.

The Purpose of Detox

Medical detox breaks the physical dependence to the patient’s drugs of addiction and delivers a clear mind set for entering rehabilitation. Medical detox is important and should be sought for any addict who wishes to recover because without medical supervision withdrawal can be dangerous or yield relapse.

Detoxification, especially with a drug like alcohol, is one of the most important, if not the most important step in the alcoholism recovery process. There is no recovery as long as there are alcohol or drug-related chemicals remaining in your system.

Detoxification purges all drugs and alcohol from the body and allows your body to return to its natural state. When the body has become accustomed to constant substance abuse, the detox process can be hard and potentially dangerous for the patient. Drug treatment centers maintain staff that includes board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and others who are experts in the field of addiction treatment.

Types of Detox Programs

There are a variety of detox methods. Some addicts may be tempted to try detoxing at home on their own, but experts strongly recommend against this. Called the “cold-turkey” method, sudden and complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol can send the body into shock.

When an addict begins to experience the full effects of withdrawal, they are highly likely to use the substance they are addicted to just to make the pain and discomfort stop. For example, people experiencing delirium tremens (the extreme form of alcohol withdrawal syndrome) may suffer from vivid hallucinations, extreme dehydration and nausea, and even seizures. Some of these people are likely to sustain permanent injury or death due to the body’s extreme response.

For this reason, detox within a professional facility is the most recommended method of detox. Options that are offered within the context of facilitated professional detox include:

  • Medicated detox – Withdrawal symptoms are managed through medication to ease the patient through detox. Patient is medially tapered off of the controlled substance or a replacement drug may be utilized to slow the detox process.
  • Inpatient/Residential – Inpatient detox is supervised by medical personnel in a treatment facility or hospital.
  • Outpatient – Detox done on an outpatient basis, most often completed on a schedule using replacement medications to taper the controlled substance or other medications given to prevent the patient from using. In terms of alcohol addiction, this process is most often used with the drug Antabuse to prevent the patient from drinking. This detox method is utilized with long-term methadone and suboxone medical replacement therapy for opiate detox. Detox may take several months to complete using this method.

Your health and sobriety is a top priority. Any addict can enter a rehabilitation treatment center and walk out of their doors sober, healthy, and liberated from drug and alcohol addiction. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle today to find out more: (206) 777-4098

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