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Drug rehab treatment centers are an integral part of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Having a safe, sterile environment to heal can give addicts a sense of hope and restore their health. There are a variety of programs that are offered at drug rehab treatment centers.

Drug treatment begins with detox as it is vital to the progression of addiction treatment as therapeutic measures cannot be adopted on a mind that is still under the effects of a substance or substances. The removal of toxins from the system due to drug or alcohol use is called “detoxification”, hence “detox” for short. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle today at (206) 777-4098.

The withdrawal process is the most feared part of the addiction cycle because most addicts have already had a taste of it in large or small doses. That sick feeling caused by not having access to alcohol or drugs isn’t something most want to encounter. For this reason and patient safety, drug rehab treatment centers offer medical detox within the inpatient drug rehab program.

Most people are curious how you can detox someone from drugs using drugs. The answer is that addiction is a chronic disease like hypertension and drugs are administered for hypertension. The nonnarcotic drugs we use are not there to get you high, but to temporarily get you through. Minimal medication will be administered to the patient during detox to mute the symptoms of the sickness that emerges during withdrawal.

While detoxification is the purging of drugs left in the system, withdrawal is the word used to describe those physiological and emotional manifestations that occurs due to the drug’s discontinuation. This can be the cramps or nausea or the depression and sadness felt during this period. All change in a way is violent, but it is necessary to begin again. Withdrawal is the first experience of alcohol/drug detox but it is not the end result. The end result is peace.

Most callers ask about the severity of withdrawal symptoms and if it is easier in a rehab. The truth is that it is easier to come off of addictive substances within treatment centers where specialists can administer drugs and holistic therapies like massage or acupuncture. The intensity of withdrawal is dependent on the substance and duration and level of dependency.

Drug rehab treatment centers address all types of drug and alcohol addictions, no matter how minor or severe the case is. Support within a treatment facility is “around the clock,” meaning there are medical professionals constantly available to care for your needs.

Patient support is the goal at drug rehab treatment centers both before and during the program. If you have questions regarding treatment, call us today. Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle can be your ticket out of the destructive lifestyle you are suffering through. (206) 777-4098

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