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Opiate Abuse Treatment Seattle

Opiates, also known as opioids, are a class of central nervous system (CNS) depressants with strong pain relief qualities. Opiates are highly addictive in nature, with tolerance known to develop quickly and a physical-somatic withdrawal syndrome experienced upon cessation of use. Opiate abuse treatment is often needed to break the bonds of opiate a
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Seattle Detox Medication Treatment

Halting substance abuse is an initial and critical step in the rehabilitation process.  It breaks the cycles of addiction and can cause mild to severe physical or psychological reactions.  Detoxing procedures vary and can be achieved through purely holistic methods or with the assistance of pharmaceuticals. For most patients, withdrawal sympto
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Stages of Addiction

Addicts and family members of addicts have most likely heard before that addiction is a disease and one that highly affects the brain. Addiction affects the brain when drugs are present and when drugs are not present. Having a loved one who is an addict can even begin to influence that person’s brain. The power of the human mind is remarkable and
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