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Halting substance abuse is an initial and critical step in the rehabilitation process.  It breaks the cycles of addiction and can cause mild to severe physical or psychological reactions.  Detoxing procedures vary and can be achieved through purely holistic methods or with the assistance of pharmaceuticals.

For most patients, withdrawal symptoms are managed through the administration of drugs. Treatment medication for medical detox may entail a gradual weaning of the controlled substance or the utilization of a replacement drug. Many patients trying to detox on their own relapse due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms.  Seattle detox medication treatment occurs in a controlled environment help to prevent this event as patients are carefully monitored with access to emergency medical attention.

For help managing withdrawal symptoms, contact Seattle drug detox centers today.

The use of treatment medication for medical detox is often necessary because of the multiple ways addiction disrupt physical and neurological functions. As such, treatment programs that integrate a range of options directed at addressing the multi-dimensional component of addiction disease typically achieves the most successful outcomes. The primary objective of using medication during the detoxification process is to…

  • Maintain patient stability throughout the detox process.
  • Prevent seizures,
  • Minimize hallucinations,
  • Ease emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression
  • Prevent severe cravings that cause relapse

Seizures is one of the most disruptive and uncomfortable withdrawal symptom.  According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), up to 4% of individuals can experience these during the detox process.  As such, anticonvulsant medication help to alleviate or calm involuntary movement.  In over 150 clinical trials, supported by NIAAA the genetic anticonvulsant gabapentin was effective in helping alcohol dependent patients to stop or significantly reduce heavy drinking.  Other drugs like Suboxone that contains naloxone with buprenorphine help to aid the opioid detox process by reducing withdrawal symptoms. This drug is typically administered during detoxification and gradually decreased as the patient move towards full recovery.


If you have tried and failed to stop using drugs, alcohol treatment centers in Seattle have programs that can make the process possible for you in a safe, comfortable environment.  Treatment teams include board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and various other clinical experts in the field of medical detox and addiction treatment. Call us today at (206) 777-4098 to learn more about innovative recovery programs.

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