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If you or your loved one suffer from dependency and addiction take that first step now towards health and wholeness. It is possible to enter recovery from addiction even if you have an addiction to a powerful narcotic like oxycodone. Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle offers residential treatment with emergency medical capabilities. Alcohol Treatment Centers work with all types of addiction, including dual addiction. We employ the standard methodology and progression of comprehensive intake assessment, detoxification, individual therapy, and group counseling. Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle complements that with other models of treatment including holistic and maintenance management. Our goal is to make your recovery successful by putting you on the journey to optimal health.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Approach to Addiction Treatment

We employ a multidisciplinary treatment approach for addiction. Not only does our center employee the very best in psychiatrists and certified clinical psychologists but our multidisciplinary team also includes board certified physicians, nurses, and other emergency medical staff. Our medical team is responsible for performing a thorough medical evaluation when you arrive at the Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle, as well as, ongoing medical evaluations during the detox process. They also consult on our medical programs, write prescriptions and review and evaluate the patient all throughout the life-cycle of program. The treatment staff includes both psychiatrists and psychologists who evaluate each patient to create a specific course of treatment and to provide one-on-one direct clinical care. To that end an individualized, multidisciplinary treatment course of action is developed for each patient. In addition to individual counseling our treatment team also organizes and supervises our group therapy and group classes.

We use the standard treatment model and augment it using those courses of treatment found to be effective through evidence-based medical models. Our Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle has programs for all types of addictions and life situations. We understand that we’re treating people, not addiction. If something doesn’t work for you, we won’t use that approach. When someone’s health and life is at stake, you do what it takes to bring them back to health. This may mean breaking with what you think you know and testing the waters, or it may mean consulting with others in the community. Whatever it takes, we will do. Your health is the most important thing someone can trust you with, and we take that trust seriously.

About Seattle WA

Seattle Washington is the fastest growing city major city in the United States and a coastal seaport city with the 8th largest port in the U.S. Seattle is home to many industries including trade, logging, and technology. Other than the major products produced in Seattle there is also a strong musical history throughout the city. Both famous jazz and rock musicians have roots in Seattle making it a good place for entertainment and art.

The Climate of Seattle is oceanic and residents experience both winter and summer temperatures with dry hot summers and wet cold winters. Seattle has recently developed into a more diverse culture with a large LGBT community and actually has the most same sex households in the U.S The economy in Seattle is both old and new emerging companies for instance internet companies and green companies. Overall, Seattle is a great place to live with a booming downtown and growing innovations.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle offers both safety and comfort to individuals who are in need of help and healing. You will have the tools necessary to forge a path to personal addiction recovery We want to help you become the best you that you can be. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Seattle today at  (206) 777-4098.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Seattle

Addiction treatment

Alcohol abuse in Seattle is unfortunately all too common. It is hard for some people to use a drug like alcohol and not abuse it. People often think in terms of alcoholism as being the reason to attend rehab; that it is only those with an everyday use of alcohol that should enter treatment.

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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Seattle

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab treatment centers are an integral part of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Having a safe, sterile environment to heal can give addicts a sense of hope and restore their health. There are a variety of programs that are offered at drug rehab treatment centers.

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Medical Detox in Seattle

Medical Detox

Medical detox breaks the physical dependence to the patient’s drugs of addiction and delivers a clear mind set for entering rehabilitation. Medical detox is important and should be sought for any addict who wishes to recover because without medical supervision withdrawal can be dangerous or yield relapse.

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